Pacis Locus Foundation

Not long ago, in a search for not only a new situation for our business, but a new home, we came up a hill onto a magical place surrounded by gorgeous nature on the edge of a forest…and unbelievably within easy time and distance of Krakow.

During the previous years, we had already known business success, had many experiences in those endeavors during constant travel. Our business and life were as one, and we were searching for a way, a place in which we could use our qualifications and experience to the full.

Since those first days, we have become sure our life not only consists of prosperity and success, but for us, it also consists of even more,… health, harmony of body and spirit gradually revealed to us by our home and private enterprise now situated in serene, incredible surroundings.

Visitors, both private and business, have been amazed and enchanted with the beautiful environment, the atmosphere of this place. Everyone was, and is always amazed, as we were years ago, that this hilltop surprise existed right above the town of Zabierzow.

A true “Temple of Inspiration and Meditation”, concealed by its own forest, it had originally been a monastery built by Cistercian monks, a place not only of peace and comfort, but surrounded by sunlit gardens inspiring awe.

We concluded that to share the feeling this place gives us of true and complete satisfaction, we decided to establish the Foundation Pacis Locus.

We believe that we should share in this small miracle with others, to give visiting guests a chance to unwind from everyday life, a place with freedom to make that important connection between the mind and the heart.

There can be a simple but unusual meeting with other interesting people whose lives might inspire. There are many possibilities such as participation in stimulating lectures, attending organized concerts, within the beautiful buildings, or outside surrounded by gardens.

Or,… if you prefer, to host a business meeting, a private event, but in a calm, pleasant and unusual, but impressive environment.

We would like to present these, and other, possibilities for you, to invite your own friends and acquaintances to unforgettable events and experiences here, to Pacis Locus.